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Matching Plaids…Almost.

7 Jan

Life got a little hectic over the last year, mostly due to a 3 hour daily commute, but here we are in a new year and I’m in a new apartment…which includes a hobby room!  I’m living with the bf and share joint custody of the hobby room – half sewing, half beer brewing (common, right?).  Now I have a full cutting table PLUS a desk for my sewing machine, making things much easier than working off the kitchen table in my old place.  And the best part…a door, to keep the beast cat out! My 3 hour commute is now 25 mins each way which leaves me a lot more free time and allows me to begin the….

First project of 2013 – a jacket!  Very Easy Vogue V8861

This pattern calls for tweed, but to be honest, I had wasn’t exactly sure what tweed was so I just went to the “Tweed” section at Mood Fabrics and got this bad boy:

Turns out – according to the cutting guy – this is plaid, not tweed.  Whoops, lol.  Either way it’s pretty so I went with it and away from my addiction to black.  Brown…I’m going to wear brown.  Keep repeating.

Step 1 – Find out how the hell to work with plaids.
After googling ‘how to match plaids’ I found this little gem that saved the day.
Cliff notes: basically using 1,000 pins, line up every box of the plaid and pin each corner.  Then cut one piece at a time, marking the lines of the plaid on the tissue paper and matching it to the next pattern piece you are going to cut.  Tedious, yes, but better than mismatched plaid.

Step 2 – Cut out pattern pieces
6 pieces = 1 coat.

Step 3 – Cut fabric
Here’s where all the tracing of the lines from the tutorial come in.

Step 5 – Start sewing and cross fingers.
So did the tutorial help?  Yes, definitely.  Am I a master at matching plaids.  No.  I came pretty damn close but lines are off jussssttt a little bit.  I thought about taking the seam out and getting the lines to match perfectly, but then I realized my thread was too closely matched to the fabric and I couldn’t really see it (old people problems starting at 30).  So it stays off a little.  I’m fine with that and I doubt anyone will really notice in the end.

The front pieces I tried even harder to match, but ended up with the same issue, off by just a little bit.  So it goes…

This past Saturday I spent the afternoon in Manhattan getting the remaining lining and notions that I had yet to buy so that I could actually finish a coat before the winter is over.

Next up, interfacing and lining….

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