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L is for Lion

25 Mar

I have this good friend, who is a really artsy, crafty, Martha-Stewart-as-an-idol kind of person.  Well, her husband knocked her up (against all of my requests for none of my friends to have babies until we are least 50) and she promptly delivered their baby…almost three weeks late. Terrible for her, good for me because it gave me more time to work on the project she asked me to have completed by the time the baby was born.  In fact, 26 of us were given this project.

Here’s the deal: each of the 26 of us were assigned a letter, A-Z, and we had to create it, anyway we wanted.  The only rules were that it had to be under 14 inches and have something in it that referenced the letter (ex. B would have to have a bunny, or bear, or Bob Harper from the biggest loser, whatever your choice) Besides that anything goes: painting, cut up crayons, photograph, or in my case…of course, sewing. Once the baby is born these letters will decorate the room. Fun!

I chose my favorite letter L. Since I text with her about 12 hours a day, I got prime letter picking…sorry to Liz who got X 😉  At first I thought of making a stuffed L and then a little stuffed heart to hang off the bottom for Love, but this might have been too girly and we didn’t know the sex yet so I needed to think of something else.  I finally decided on Lion and found this cute fabric:

I ordered it online and had the fabric a month before she was due.  Guess when I started working on it? A week after she was due.

Step 1: I found a nice L online and printed it as large as I could

Step 2: Trace it onto a pizza box to cut out a nice, sturdy, cardboard stencil.  I made the L a little bigger then I had printed it out because the lions on the fabric were too big to fit in the shape.

Step 3: Figure out how the hell to get a bunch of these lions to fit on the friggin thing.  Cutting out random shapes (with a 5/8″ inch seam allowance around everything) and sewing them together worked – almost like a quilt.

Step 4: Cut out back piece in shape of L.  Thank god I picked up another safari style fabric and didn’t have to piece together another side

Step 5: Put right sides together, sew a 5/8″ seam and leave a two inch opening to stuff.

Step 6: Procrastinate getting stuffing and stop at CVS for cotton balls the day after baby is born.

Step 7: Stuff, stitch close opening and add thread loop for hanging.


I forgot to take a picture of it finished so here are some baby toes for you instead 🙂

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