A little over a year ago my boyfriend told me I should get a hobby.  No, not in a malicious way, more in a “I have a hobby that I love, that is fulfilling, and I want you to have the same” way.  I asked for a sewing machine….and so it began.

Alright you sew, why the blog?

Friends of mine see what I make and ask me to make them clothes too.  My response is usually along the lines of  “Absolutely!  Just not right now.”  I get it.  People see the final product and its impressive to them (especially considering I’m not in the typical, early bird special, age range of this craft).  What they don’t see are the ups and downs.  The pattern that I changed because I just couldn’t figure it out.  The seam that I ripped out 4 times before getting it right.  My first try at a zipper that actually worked!  The real moments.

Google sewing blogs and you’ll find ohhhh, only a couple hundred.  Most of which make it look easy as pie!  Cut this, stitch that, add a hem…Voilà! You just made clothes!  Sure, maybe if you’re Martha Stewart.  But I’m not.  So this is my honest sewing blog.  The blog that says its not easy yet, but wait until you show up at that party and everyone loves your outfit; its worth it!

This is the blog dedicated to the breakdowns and the “oh my god I can’t believe that actually worked” moments!  To MY hobby.



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