4 P’s

28 Jan

P #1 – Pockets


It could have been that I got a little overzealous with my pocket skills.  It could have been the drinks I was having while sewing.  It could have been that I was watching Downton Abbey at the same time.  Whatever excuse I choose to use this time, the simple answer is I that simply wasn’t paying enough attention and put one of the pockets on backwards.  Whoops!

This lead me to discover the answer to a problem I had in the last post – the thread being so damn hard to remove.  Turns out it wasn’t my eyesight failing me, but rather that the fabric frays like crazy!!  The minute I try to remove a stitch the fabric starts ripping.  Eeek…


I worked VERY carefully and slowly – paying close attention – and got the stitches out without too much damage.  I moved the seam in about an 1/8″ when re-sewing just to be safe, which seems to have solved any problems my seam ripper may have caused.


P #2 – Putting it together

Finally we’re to the point where it will start looking like a jacket.  Stitch front to back at sides and shoulders.


P #3 – Plaid matching

Here’s the moment of truth…how good did I do with the plaid matching?

Not bad!
Ohhh, matching on diagonals, cool!

Notice how the sleeve is very uneven at the bottom?  Right now I’m more concerned with getting the plaids to match, rather than length, so I will even everything out once I get to the finishing touches.


Hmmmm….now that doesn’t look right?!?  P #4 – Panic.


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