Well, that just sucks.

2 Feb

Alright, so, where did I leave off with the lace skirt?? Pretty close to the start – pieces cut out and the interfacing attached to the waist band.

First step was basting the lace to the shiny fabric. Get this…I actually prefer to baste by hand now.  Thank you FIT class.  I find it easier to remove when it’s not machine “loose” stitches, which are, in reality, pretty tight stitches.

Making a pencil skirt is pretty straight forward, nothing too fancy. The extent of fanciness on this one (besides the lace of course) is some darting. The front and back of the skirt each got 4 darts put in.

Next was some hemming on the slit in the back of the skirt. This step, I honestly have NO idea if I did right, the instructions were very confusing. Perhaps I should ask one of the ladies in the pattern making department…oh did I mention I work at McCalls now?!? 🙂

Next up was stitching the two back panels together above the slit. Quick, done, nice.

Another easy step next, stitch the sides together. Now its looking like a skirt! A really really tiny waisted skirt…crap, I’ll check that later.

The invisible zipper went on next. I like doing zippers because they’ve always been one of the few things I find easy to work with. Great, looks purdddyyy.

Waistband on next -right sides together, stitch, fold over. Ok, now Ill try it on to see if it really is too small annnnddd…..well, that just sucks. Too damn tight! This is the first piece of clothing I have made that wasn’t huge on me. Instead of crying, I put it away, then whined to Chris the next day. He said, well can’t you just take out the seams? He’s right. And that folks is my next mission – take out the stitching from the waistband, the stitching from the sides, stitch the skirt back together all over again so its wider and I’m back to where I am now. In the words of Stimpy, “oh, joy.”

Maybe I’ll do that this weekend or more realistically when I’m done procrastinating, because honestly taking out a million really tiny stitches without ripping lace is not the most exciting thing in the world. Until then…


2 Responses to “Well, that just sucks.”

  1. Suzie February 2, 2012 at 8:22 pm #

    Good Luck! If this happened to me (and it never would since I cannot sew at all) I would just give all of the fabric to somebody else to make Barbie clothes. On my one and only attempt to make an A-line, sleeveless shift, after I stopped screaming with each attempt to push the fabric anywhere close to the finger-eating sewing machine, there was so little fabric left that your Grandmother made clothes for my doll. NICE!

  2. Aunt Suzie February 28, 2012 at 10:35 am #

    Any progress on the pencil skirt? I hate to think that you are still taking all of the teeny-tiny stitches out of the lace. You are keeping me up nights! (At last I can blame my insomnia on someone else).

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