Sebastian – Tiny Cajun crab, best friend to Ariel.

1 Dec

I could have gone sexy for my Sebastian the crab costume, but that’s too cliche for Halloween nowadays. Instead I made my costume big, goofy and from a toddlers monkey costume. Allow me to explain…

Since Chris was Ariel, I took the role of Sebastian – Tiny Cajun crab, best friend to Ariel

At first I thought of making a jumper type outfit, but then remembered that wearing a one piece outfit with several arms attached to it could making going to the bathroom a little difficult. Instead, I started looking at patterns for other styles, but apparently an adult size crab costume pattern is not common. Go figure.  So I decided to make something similar to this pattern:

The fabric cutting lady at Joanns thought it was the cutest outfit until I told her it was for me. Creeping out the employees…check! I estimated and bought two yards of a bright red fabric for the body, head and legs and 1 1/2 yards of a darker, more textured fabric for the shell. Before leaving I grabbed two Styrofoam egg shaped balls for the eyes.

I am terrrrrrible at math so the measuring aspect of sewing is always a challenge for me. To avoid making the middle too short, I based the length of a sweater dress I have.

For the remainder of the body section I simply added a few (too many) inches to every side of the pattern. It certainly wasn’t the best fit, but it did the trick.

The pattern was simple – including only a mid-section, sleeves and elastic at the bottom to pull it all in, sort of like a bubble skirt.  The only part I wasn’t too happy with was the collar which ended up way too big, but hey it’s a DIY costume that I had a week to make and oh yeah, we didn’t have any plans yet, so I wasn’t too worried.



Neck too wide

Next up the was the head. I used the pattern for the hood and again added a few inches. Since the collar was too big I wasn’t going to be able to attach the hood – solution: drawstring!

The eyes were a little shoddily made but they ended up looking awesome. I cut the bottoms off the styrofoam eggs off so they were flatter and easier to attach to the hood. There was no neat way to place them on the top so I simply stitched some white and red fabric together, pulled that over the eggs and top stitched the fabric to the hood by hand. The pièce de résistance…pupils. Black magic marker can make such a big difference sometimes.

Before I forget, there were two other pieces to the costume – the claws and the shell.  The claws I sketched by hand onto cardboard, then traced them onto the fabric, cut out two pieces of the darker fabric and sewed the together to make claw mittens.  They were a little loose on the wrist so I tacked some elastic to the inside and done.  Nice and quick.

I found a pattern for the shell online from a tutorial showing how to make a stuffed animal turtle.  I printed it on regular 8″x11.5″ paper and blew it up to be 4 quadrants on 11″x17″ each.  I taped those together and had my pattern.

I used the dark fabric again and cut out two pieces.  On one side a drew some shell markings then sewed both sides together, leaving a small opening so that I could stuff it.  I must be getting either lazier or cheaper, but either way I didn’t feel like going to back to store for stuffing, so I used old fabric I had from past projects.  Go back to that last sentence and change lazy/cheap to Eco-friendly; yeah that sounds better 🙂  Since the shell was a little heavy with all the “stuffing” I fashioned it in a back-pack type way, using a few long pieces of fabric to make shoulder straps .  It worked out great, I must say.

I had visions of grandeur for the arms, they were going to be stuffed, have joints, and all move together. Well, I got as far as getting them stuffed and sewn together. But they ended up too heavy and small giving the resemblance of tick legs. No bueno.

I packed up everything and headed to Brooklyn to finish there.

Chris became the problem solver by coming up with the idea of using hangers inside the legs. Lightweight, flexible, perfect! The only problem was I ran out of bright red fabric and didn’t have time to go buy more. Target to the rescue! I knew I could find something cheapy in Target that could double for legs while I was doing my weekly shopping. I was thinking maybe socks, but the solution came in a pack of “fancy” $3 holiday cloth napkins.

I spent the Saturday afternoon before Halloween sewing the legs to the costume (while watching the last of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo movies – So. Good.) and was finally done with everything about an hour before we were going out.  Nothing like cutting it close….again. Maybe I should just accept that’s how I sew?

The finishing piece was a pair of red stockings – the only thing I didn’t make between the two costumes.  We met up with a few of Ariel’s land friends and headed off to Jeremy’s apartment to begin the night.  1 house party, 2 bars and way too many renditions of Under the Sea later, Williamsburg did not disappoint.


3 Responses to “Sebastian – Tiny Cajun crab, best friend to Ariel.”

  1. Carol Lovrich December 1, 2011 at 10:25 am #

    Simply marvelous!

  2. Cassandra Broadway December 1, 2011 at 11:15 am #

    so crafty and awesome 🙂

  3. Erin the Great December 1, 2011 at 10:19 pm #

    I like to think that you were wearing your Sebastian head piece while typing this entry.

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