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One sleeve.

21 Jul

The sewing machine is back out!  After an extended break from the polka dot blouse, its finally getting sleeves….well one sleeve.

My goal for Tuesday was to get the sleeves finished, not necessarily on the shirt, but at least made.  The instructions were pretty straight forward, annoying, but straight forward.

First was to gather the top of the sleeve.  Easy.  Second, sew the sides of the sleeve together.  Easy again.  Third, was the annoying step.  Fold up 5/8″, press, then fold in 1/4″ underneath that to make an encasing for the elastic.  Do you know how little a quarter inch of fabric is?  A quarter inch of slippery fabric?

The 5/8″ fold was a pain – but then again, so is every time I have to fold up fabric – but the 1/4″ double fold was just stupid.  Seems more logical to just do the 1/4″ fold first, then fold it up again 1/2″. Does any of this make sense?  Probably not, but here’s what you need to know, I skipped that step.

My solution, just sew right through the first fold and make my own encasing.  Bloomingdale’s hasn’t called yet, so I’m not worried if my sleeve doesn’t look perfect on the inside.  I measured out the elastic, put that in the bottom and it looked pretty sweet, so I’m ok with it.

I think I’m going to try my idea of measuring on the second sleeve and if you know anything about my math skills, this could be a very bad idea.


My apologies.

12 Jul

After Diana’s wedding I had every intention of taking a week break from sewing, then going back to finish my polka dot shirt.  However, some really important things came up which sidetracked me, such as:

Going to the beach.

Yelling at my cat.

Seeing really terrible movies.

and buying myself presents!

Next week I’ll get back on track, seriously.  Until then I have a very important obligation that needs to be taken care of:

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